elcome to, if not The Ecstatic Experience, my humble website – a 21st century conceit, I am told, which must be embraced in this digital age of derring-do. One is obliged, they say, to “put yourself out there” to be found, to connect with an audience heretofore unacquainted.

I am a writer, journalist, screenwriter, blogger and pen 4 hire. I like to write about politics, the environment, interesting people, theatrical events, artists and even stuff I have no hope of ever fully grasping – like activities at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Click around and you’ll find lots of stuff to download or read. And even the stuff that really shouldn’t be free, cause it cost me hours and money to produce, is free.

Check the top navigation area where you can watch a short film I produced a few years ago – screened at the Hawaii International Film Festival to LOTS OF LAUGHTER.

You can also listen to a radio drama I wrote and produced and find a couple of my short stories, published by Short Story Library.

Also check out the archived stories written over the past few years of reporting in Southern California filed under "Stuff I've Done". There are free pdf versions to read if you’d like, just click on the magazine covers to download them.

Some of what you will find:

- A profile of the beautiful, wise actress Virginia Madsen.
- A magazine story on the growing plastic pollution of our oceans.
- Links to reviews, news and feature stories.
 - An interview with Brad Garrett - "Everybody Loves Raymond"
-  An interview with actor Francesco Quinn, son of Anthony Quinn,
 ...and much more.

Commentary is welcome – referrals even more so.
Because being able to write even more stuff would be, for me, a little bit of an Ecstatic Experience. Thanks for stopping by.